6 Screaming Tips That You May Learn During Your Growling Lesson or Metal Voice Lesson


  1. Your Body Is Your Scream Instrument
  2. The Classic Growling Lesson Answer
  3. Screaming From The Throat
  4. Power To The People Who Take Metal Voice Lessons
  5. Compression compression of the growling sound
  7. Good Luck Pal

Cami performing @Petit Campus, Montreal, Canada

Tip #1: Your Body Is Your Scream Instrument

So you want to have a more powerful scream. You want it to be WOW.

Let’s start with the basics.

Are you taking care of your body? Have you eaten well before? Have you drunk enough water?

If you think you are drinking enough water, drink even more. 

Especially when you start practicing those screams, your throat has to stay hydrated, or else it’s a recipe for scratchiness.  You might even stop your practice earlier than if you would have been hydrated. 

The trick is to always carry a bottle of water, even when you’re not practicing. 

For food, I recommend that you stop eating at least 30 minutes before rehearsing. 

Yes there are some foods that are less recommended to eat like dairy, but I personally rarely follow these rules.  The only rule I follow is to stop eating 2 hours before. And also I brush my teeth. (It makes me feel clean and ready to growl! xD)

Tip #2: The Classic Growling Lesson Answer

I call this one the classic answer because I’m sure you heard it before.

So, yes it might be annoying for you. But I will repeat it. 

Have you done a proper warm up?

I can vouch for the benefit of a good warm up.

If I scream on raw false cords:

  • My scream sounds totally different;
  • The support is less there;
  • The false cords aren’t flapping around enough;
  • The connection between my scream and breath support isn’t there yet;
  • I can’t enunciate properly. 

A warm up helps you connect your whole system together in order to produce the best scream that you can. 

10-15 minutes that’s all you need to warm up. 

You can find many great warmups on the internet. 

I recommend this one. Especially exercises 1-8.

Have fun!

Tip #3: Screaming From The Throat

Take a look at your jaw/neck/shoulders and even tongue! 

Do you feel any tension?

If you’re not conscious of your tongue placement, it could potentially inhibit or muffle your sound. 

If you do a proper warmup, normally you can significantly reduce the amount of tension in your body. 

When you scream, do you see your throat veins popping out?  Do you have blood that rushes through your head? If yes, you have too much tension in your neck. 

You are probably what we call: screaming from the throat. 

You want your power to come lower than that. You want your power from your diaphragm.

Tip #4: Power To The People Who Take Metal Voice Lessons

Are you taking air from your belly? Or are your shoulders lifting?

If your shoulders are lifting, it means that your breath is really shallow and is not starting from your core. 

In order to produce a scream, it has to come from your diaphragm. 

The switch is possible. I have seen people coming to see me and lifting their shoulders every time they scream. But they were able to reprogram their brain to breathe from the lower part of their body. 

That’s what we want.

More power for them. Power to the people!

Think about filling your belly like a balloon. 

Breathe from the lowest point you can, yes even from your feet. 

These are all various ways to achieve filling up your belly with air, instead of lifting your shoulders or chest area. 

It requires concentration, but you can do it.

Tip #5: Compression compression of the growling sound

Your abs are the key to any good screams!

And when you think you are tightening them, tight them even more!! They will help you have less air in your screams.

The abs play a fundamental role in your breath support and when you relax them too soon, this is when the support is lost and we also lose the sound of your scream. 

Although I don’t force any of my students to do sit ups, it is true that it could be really beneficial to screaming! 


Probably the most effective but also the most challenging tip to add oomph to your screams.

Add a physical activity while screaming. It can be jogging, biking, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing or simply doing jumping jacks.  Whatever activity that you like and gets you a bit out of breath is what we are aiming here. 

Yes it’s challenging.

Disclaimer: If you start feeling dizzy, losing sight or seeing little stars, please stop immediately. It means that your brain is lacking oxygen and you might be on the verge of passing out. If it happens every time you try, do not use this method and please consult a doctor. 

This summer, I ran outside 3-4 times a week for 1 hour while screaming for 3 months and it has improved my:

  • Tone;
  • Vocal Endurance;
  • Quality of my lows;
  • Stability of my breath support.

Although I do get some weird looks from time to time, it’s totally worth the benefits!! 

I can jump for 3 minutes non stop without having it impact my screams. 

And I tested it last week during a show and it worked! I was able to scream while jumping and my tone was constant and my breath support was there.  I also jumped down the stage for even more effect (ok the stage was like 20cm or 8 inches high xD). 

On top of improving the sound of your screams, it can add a big theatrical effect to your performance, so I recommend adding a physical activity! 

Good Luck Pal

Well that was quite the journey! We’re already at the end!

Thank you for being part of it. Hope that was helpful to you!


PS: If you would like to have someone help you with all these techniques, feel free to book a lesson! I would love to teach you!

PS2: Places are limited so feel free to book in advance!

PS3: Thank you so much for having read this article all the way! You rock!