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So you want to growl safely. What’s next?

Other than the Growling Bootcamp, you can book one metal voice lesson at a time. You will be guided step by step towards a false cord scream. After 8 lessons, you will be performing a song of your choice (if you want to) in front of other students all across the world.

Watch some scream transformations!

Every little technique that we learn are so essentiels, may it be breathing, relaxation or having your thoughts at the right place. Everything helps the growl so you can produce extreme sounds without wrecking your voice.


All classes will be given through Zoom.

The lessons are booked in advance.

What’s included in the Growling Bootcamp?

  • 50 min dedicated to YOU 
  • Structured environment (3 techniques to safely learn)
  • Being guided step by step to a safe and awesome sounding sound!
  • Highly personalized content (more than 40 different exercises)
  • You receive direct concrete feedback
  • Save HOURS of recovering due to vocal folds injuries
  • Save YEARS of learning by yourself
  • Discover the performer in you while performing in front of others in the mini-show!!
  • And much more…



  • Unsatisfied with their vocals;
  • Don’t know how to improve their sound;
  • Not comfortable showing their vocals to other people;
  • Hurting themselves not knowing how to fix their technique;
  • Couldn’t scream a whole song without having to stop multiple time to catch their breath.


  • 100% of the students improved their vocals;
  • 100% of the students were finding more easily their own mistakes and how to improve themselves;
  • 100% of the students felt more comfortable growling in front of others;
  • 100% of the students hurt themselves less often while doing harsh vocals;
  • 100% of the students improved their vocal stamina.

Coaching is what can enable you to find your voice. I invested around $4992 in coach and it was worth every penny. It allowed me to progress much more rapidly.

How much would you invest to save YEARS of your life teaching yourself?

How much would you invest to save HOURS of recevory due to vocal folds injuries?

One lesson is $75 US.

Next Steps

  1. Book your time on Calendly. If no time fits your schedule, please send a message directly to
  2. Send your first installment ASAP via the invoice received with PayPal. First come first serve!

Watch the Mini Shows from previous cohorts:

“Camille has been a delight to work with every step of the way. She coaches both physically and mentally, and has clearly considered all aspects when putting together the course. It’s perfectly tailored to beginners. And the results show – in the final performance everyone sounded great. I feel fired up and ready to continue on my journey with Camille, and look forward to further classes with her.”

Mark B., UK

Hear some growl transformation from past students:

Remy, Canada
Laura, USA
Dominique, Canada
In My Sword I Trust – Ensiferum (cover by Dominique at the end of his Growling Bootcamp)
Nancy, Canada
Suffocation – Bloodchurn (covered by Nancy at the end of the Growling Bootcamp)
Rebecca, USA
Frédéric, Canada